»MBA from Cornell University, USA, Master of Molecular Biological Sciences from Rutgers New Jersey State University, USA, and a senior researcher;
He has served as the chairman or CEO of 7 companies in the United States and China, and is a successful serial entrepreneur;
He used to be the founder and CEO of PuraCap Pharmaceutical company in the United States. under the founding and leadership of Guo dahai, PuraCap Pharmaceutical, The company became the first company to successfully enter the "Made in China" OTC drugs into the mainstream chain pharmacies in the United States, and it was also the first Chinese company to sell the original brand prescription drugs in the United States;The company founded and managed by Guo Dahai has more than 500 different prescription drugs and OTC drugs sold in the United States and other six countries;
Renfupuke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which was founded by him and served as the chairman of the board, has been rated as "Top Ten Famous Brand Enterprises of Chinese Pharmaceutical Preparation Export" and "Leading Enterprise of Chinese Medicine" by China Medical Association for many years. In 2017, it won honors such as the glory of the "Top 100 Gazelle Enterprises" with rapid growth in the National High-tech Zone;

» Dahai Guo and his team won the "Third Chinese Overseas Chinese Key Entrepreneurship Award" and the national medal "China Friendship Award" 

»Dahai Guo has won the honors of "100 Experts" in Hubei Province, the first "3551 Leading Talent Award" in Wuhan Optics Valley Bio-city, and the global "MBA Fellow Award" of Roche Pharmaceutical Group of Switzerland.

Dahai Guo


In the past 26 years, Guo has had the continuous entrepreneurial experience of having more than 7 companies as chairman/CEO in the United States and China.